Tim Scheffler

Software Projects

  • Coupled Oscillators
    A demo processing project for simulation of coupled oscillators.

  • Davis
    Molecular Dynamics Simulation on a Sphere.

    A small Haskell/Objective-C interface. This test project give a basic implementation of a Haskell/Objective-C bridge for the Cocoa framework. More information can be found in the blog post.

  • TorchFS
    TorchFS displays your folder structure filtered by your search criteria. This helps to manage large amounts of files. TorchFS works by using Apple's Spotlight search engine and Google's MacFUSE user-space filesystem framework.
    (open source)

  • Nifty Box (a tagging application)
    Keep web bookmarks, classify pictures, and annotate documents. Organize with tags and let Nifty Box show you related information. Browse your library and find without searching.

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